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Inga Ford Soapmaker is located in the quiet Southland town of Wyndham.  Here we create indulgent soaps and body products, from beautiful ingredients, using traditional methods.
The Art of Soap
This might be New Zealands most indulgent soap bar! With rich, invigorating fragrances, NZ goat's milk, satiny smooth mulberry silk, and creamy shea butter. A long lasting, moisturising, buttery smooth bar in a wide range of fragrances
Square-ish bars are um, square!  Or nearly square.  Close enough to square that they will fit nicely in your Block Dock (if you have one), perfectly in your hand, and comfortably in your grocery budget.  Chunky-cut, gelled and slow-cured to last longer for even better value. 
Modern Alchemy
With Modern Alchemy we've made those must-have products even better with a little bit of science and a whole lot of magic.  Whipped textures to help you use less, emulsified scrubs to polish your skin without leaving your shower slippy and rich body butters that sink into your skin for deep effective hydration.
Wild by Nature
Handmade soap and botanically boosted skincare, made from sustainable ingredients.  Exclusively fragranced with plant based essential oils with plant extracts for naturally healthy skin. 

What You're Saying 

Great communication and personal service, speedy delivery of beautiful soaps to keep and gift. So nice to purchase and communicate directly with the maker and owner.


My favourite soap! Beautiful fragrances that are gentle for sensitive skin and they look gorgeous too. I keep changing my mind about favourites but English Garden and Cherry Soda are my top two at the moment... oh and Ylang Ylang and Rose Geranium. I love how they’re packaged and always arrive so fast too. Thanks for a great product.


My son Dexter bought me a 12 pack of assorted soaps for a birthday recently. Good soaps are a little indulgence of mine and I find Inga Ford soaps absolutely top class. Beautiful texture. Heavenly scented. Recommended


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