Hi, I’m Inga and I am a soapmaker. I’ve been making soap for over 10 years and while the novelty has long since worn off it has been replaced by a passion for making truly great soap. To me this is a combination of a time-tested recipe, fresh, beautiful ingredients, slow crafted processes and attention to detail. The method we use is called “cold process” and it allows us to combine all these things into a hydrating soap bar that cares for your skin.

The handmade soap process takes time to complete but it’s time well spent. As the bars cure they become so much milder, develop a luxurious creamy lather, and become more resistant to wear so they last longer. The fragrances and colours extend right through the bar so you can enjoy them to the very end. And the healthy, glowy, dewey-soft feeling of your skin will last even longer.

Most of our soap is made for wholesale and is stocked at a number of independent kiwi-owned stores. The remaining soap is sold by us at local events, instore in our shop in Wyndham and is also available online. We’d love to see you in the shop in Wyndham, open 2-5pm Tuesday and Thursday and Saturday from 11-3pm, at the markets, and join us on facebook